Mailing lists

Requests for help should be sent to

To reduce spam, you must subscribe to a list before you can send email to it. The email address you send mail from must be the one you used to subscribe. is a low-volume mailing list which is used to announce new releases and other items of interest to users of The Grinder.

Please contribute bug fixes and enhancements to

You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the lists, and search their archives, through Gmane provides alternative searchable archives, together with NNTP feeds and an optional Blog-like interface.

When Philip Aston finds the time to respond to mail about The Grinder, messages not copied to one of the above mail lists are likely to be ignored. Philip freely copies responses to the lists; if there is a particular reason why you want to keep your communication private you must say so. Finally, if you can provide answers to questions sent to the lists, please don't be shy!

The Grinder is free software. No one is under any obligation to fix your problem. If all else fails, you have the source.