The Console

The Console

Process controls

Start processes, Reset processes and Stop processes send signals to Grinder processes that are listening. (See grinder.receiveConsoleSignals, grinder.grinderAddress and grinder.grinderPort.)

Worker processes that are configured to receive console signals go through three states:

  1. Initiated (waiting for a console signal)
  2. Running (performing tests, reporting to console)
  3. Finished (waiting for a console signal)

The Start processes control signals to worker processes that they should move into the running state. Processes that are already running ignore this signal. Processes that are in the finished state exit; the agent process will then reread the properties file and launch new worker processes in the running state.

The Reset processes control signals all the worker processes to exit. The agent process will then reread the properties file and launch new worker processes.

The Stop processes control signals all processes to exit.

Warning - unless grinder.appendLog is true, new worker process logs will overwrite those from previous runs.

Sample controls

The sample controls determine how the console captures reports from the worker processes. capture. It is important to understand that these control the console behaviour only. For example, they do not adjust the frequency at which the worker processes send reports (see grinder.reportToConsole.interval for that). Additionally, the sample controls do not interact in any way with the process controls.

The slider controls the period at which the console will take a sample. This involves adding up all the reports received over that sample interval and calculating the TPS as (number of transactions that occurred)/(interval length). It is also the period at which the console graphs and statistics are updated.

By default, the console discards the first non-zero sample period, and starts updating the display and calculating totals from the second sample. A non-zero sample period is one in which an update from a worker process was received. You can adjust how many non-zero sample periods the console ignores before starting capture with the ignore samples text field.

The third control allows you to adjust how many samples the console will collect before stopping capture.

You can also manually start and stop the sampling with the Capture statistics/Stop capture control. Use the Save statistics control to save the current set of statistics to a file.